• Experience with challenges of extreme environments. We specialize in developing high-performance products that can meet the demanding environments of military aircraft, land vehicles, ships, and submarines. Products have been developed to resist high temperatures, explosive blasts, seawater, and extreme thermal and pressure cycling. ToughGrip® nonskid coating is built to withstand wire slaps from landing aircraft , heavy vehicular traffic, oil, chemical and fule spills, intesnse sunlight, wide temperature extremes and the persistant salt spray on aircraft carriers. BondCoat is used to maintain rubber to metal bonds even in the high temperature and pressure environment experienced down-hole during oil drilling.
  • Meeting environmental and safety regulations. We’ve developed lead free, 100% solids and VOC free materials which met and in some cases exceeded the performance of incumbant materials. Examples of work in this area include ThermaSafe™ composite resins which meet fire, smoke and toxicity restrictions aboard submarines, EcoMASS® lead-free compounds for bullets, Tough-Grip® 100% solids non-skid coatings and a lead-free, antimony-free dry film lubricant.
  • Advanced Materials Development. Our materials scientists are knowledgable of a broad range of polymer chemistries and are experts at pushing boundaries when formulating new materials to meet critical material property requirements. Our UV curable resin has an extremely high glass transition temperature. Our ToughGrip nonskid coating is environmentally friendly and more durable than previous formulations.
  • Composites Engineering. TRI has years of experience developing composites for marine use. We use materials selection, solid modeling, finite element analysis and structural analysis to optimize composite components. We are also able to utilize our materials development capabilities to create custom resins for specialty composites. We can use a variety of composite manufacturing techniques to produce prototypes and preproduction components.
  • Materials Testing. TRI has extensive facilities to support our R&D projects. In addition to internal testing, we can also develop customized protocols for ALT, HALT/HAST and other specialized testing requirements.
  • Diagnostics/Prognostics/NDE/NDT. TRI holds patents on structural health monitoring systems and nondestructive testing technologies. Prior to it’s merging with AMMTIAC, TRI ran the DoD’s Nondestructive Testing Information Analysis Center which contained the worlds larges library on NDE/T technologies. TRI currently subcontracts its NDE/T expertise to Alion Sciences for AMMTIAC.
  • Materials Qualification and Transition. We have developed, tested and qualified numerous materials for military use, including BondCoat which is the standard coating for submarine hull penetrators. Our scientists have assisted in the transition of new products, including the developing of quality assurance parameters and sampling procedures as well as the optimization of processing conditions. We employ a variety of transition strategies to ensure that the technology is available to our customers.
  • Flexibility. Being a small business, we are able to quickly adjust to your changing requirements. We can also quickly add expertise through one of our many teaming partners.
  • Teaming. We have teamed with technology experts, commercial manufacturers, and prime contractors to solve problems and commercialize the solutions. Click here to learn more about our teaming experience and partners.