Ecomass Compounds

Ecomass, a non-toxic substitute for metallic lead, has been delivered to the US Army in million round lots of small arms ammunition ( ). TRI/Austin developed this technology and subsequently contributed the technology to a start-up company, Ideas to Market, LLC, in exchange for a significant ownership in the company. Ideas to Market, LLC has generated sales in excess of $15 Million since this transition.

Ecomass® Compounds is a nontoxic, thermoplastic material with a density equal to lead that can be used in a wide range of applications across many different industries. Compared to lead, Ecomass® Compounds offer a greater yield strength, can be injection molded, is nontoxic and can be formulated to be very flexible or very stiff depending on the application. In any application where a high density material is required, Ecomass® Compounds can be used without the toxicity concerns of lead.

Ecomass® Compounds Applications

Radiation Shielding

  • Medical Imaging
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • X-Ray Tube Housing
  • Bitewing X-Ray Shields
  • Shipping Containers
  • Tech/Patient Shields
  • Industrial X-Ray
  • Nontoxic Projectiles
  • Nontoxic Shot
  • Counter Weights
  • Golf clubs
  • Flywheels
  • Ballast Systems
  • Vibration Dampening/Soundproofing and many other applications where a nontoxic, high-density, high-strength material is required.

Ecomass® Compounds Advantages

Ecomass® Compounds offer many distinct advantages when compared to lead.

  • Nontoxic
  • Injection Moldable
  • Variable Specific Gravity
  • Superior Physical Properties
  • Improved Design Flexibility
  • Custom-Formulated for Specific Applications
  • Reduction in Machining and Finishing Costs

Ecomass® Compounds Testing

Testing of Ecomass® Compounds for use as radiation shielding in medical equipment applications have been successfully completed at Texas A&M University. The material exhibited X-ray and gamma ray shielding capacity essentially equal to that of lead.

The U.S. Army has successfully tested Ecomass® Compounds for use as nontoxic training projectiles to eliminate additional lead contamination problems at its firing ranges, where over 700 million rounds are fired each year. The Army is currently in the final phase of testing 5.56mm Ecomass® projectiles.

Other applications being investigated for Ecomass® Compounds include: shot for shotgun shells, radiation shielding in nuclear reactors, vibration dampening, soundproofing, flywheels, inertia brakes, counter weights, fishing weights, golf clubs, and many other applications where a nontoxic, high-density, high-strength material is required.

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