Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring is part of the set of tools to be used for continued safe and cost effective operation of aircraft within an Aircraft Structural Integrity Program (ASIP). Application of SHM to existing aircraft needs to be considered carefully within the existing ASIP in order to determine.

  • Usage
  • Failure Modes
  • Costs

The framework for a structural health monitoring system has several components:

  • Structural Criticality and Corrosion/Damage Tolerance Assessment
    • Corrosion/Fatigue and Realistic Damage Progression
    • Component Criticality
    • Surface Integrity Effects Models
  • NDI, SHM, and Data Management
    • In Situ Sensors (i.e. corrosion, fatigue)
    • On-board Sensor Monitoring
    • Traditional NDI
    • NDI Data Management
  • Usage Monitoring

Outcomes of a Holistic SHM Program

Estimates Current Damage due to both Cyclic and Time-Based Degradation Mechanisms

  • Helps quantify potentially hidden cracking and/or corrosion
  • Provides indications, insights, and alternative actions to optimize resources

Quantifies Structural Consequences of Current and Future Combined Damage

  • Helps to defer maintenance (where appropriate) and focus where necessary
  • Facilitate repair/replace/retire decisions

Provides a Continuous Link with NDI and Health of Aircraft

  • Establishes detection limits as functions of calendar time & cyclic life
  • Benchmarks the condition and health of the obscured or hidden structure

TRI has been developing the LAHMP™ System to integrate sensors, hardware and software including Data Fusion to provide a health monitoring system. We have also been working with partners to incude Physics of Failure and SI assessment including surface integrity effects, effects of fretting, pitting and intergranular attack, NOT simply thickness loss. TRI also provides services in the areas of:

  • Accelerated Life Testing of Coatings & Materials (NOT EXCO, ANSIT)
  • probabilistic risk assessments integrating all of the above
  • flight-tested hardware to support SHM systems