Oil & Gas

oilrigTRI/Austin provides solutions to the oil & gas industry through technology development and testing. Capabilities include marine accelerated life testing and reliability engineering; the development of custom polymeric materials, including environmentally friendly fluids; nondestructive test method development for pressure vessels, storage tanks, and piping; and composites engineering, including lightweight, strong, fire resistant composite structures.

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TRI-Austin Oil and Gas Capabilties

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Accelerated Life Testing and Reliability EngineeringOil Scanning Ocean Floor

  • Marine accelerated life testing
  • Underwater cables and connectors
  • Hydrophones
  • Transducers
  • Towed streamers
  • Failure Analysis
  • Materials and process reliability improvement
  • Corrosive environment accelerated life testing and test chamber development
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing and viscoelastic creep testing

 Materials Development and Evaluation

  • Advanced polymeric materials development (i.e., abrasion resistant; impact resistant; high temperature tolerant; low fire, smoke, and toxicity)
  • Environmentally friendly fluid and lubricant development
  • Advanced coatings, primers, sealants, foams, and adhesives
  • Materials performance evaluation and testing
  • Bond life enhancement in cathodic environments
  • Chemical compatibility testing
  • Adhesives for wet and unprepared surfaces and saltwater tolerant greases
  • Corrosion mechanism studies
  • Thermal analysis
  • Materials selection and consultation 

Nondestructive Testing

  • Nondestructive test method development
  • Pressure vessels
  • Storage tanks
  • Pipelines
  • Piping
  • Corrosion detection method development
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Probability of detection studies
  • Ultrasonic, acoustic emission, eddy current, dye penetrant, etc., test method development
  • Level III NDE Inspection
  • NDE test method development for manufacturing

 Composites Engineering

  • Engineered composite structures
  • Finite element analysis and modeling
  • Composite pressure vessel design and testing
  • Composite pipe design
  • Low fire, smoke, and toxicity composites
  • Specialized test equipment development

Customer Solutions – Examples

  • Failure Analysis/Design Review/Materials and Process Recommendations/ Accelerated Life Testing
  • Offshore platform electrical cable connectors
  •  Towed/static geophysical hydrophone array elements
  • Viscoelastic Creep Testing
  • Protective, bond life enhancing coatings for underwater cathodic environments
  • Overmolded electrical connectors
  • Towed streamers
  • Seabed seismic arrays
  • ROVs
  • Cameras
  • Sensors
  • Electronics
  • Bond strength enhancing coatings for downhole applications
  • MRI antenna collars
  • Fluoroelastomers
  • Measurement of the effects of chemical aging on material performance properties
  • Investigation of the effects of high temperature and pressure fluid exposures on Coflon material properties
  • Nondestructive inspection equipment setup and inspection of oil well drill tube and coupling knuckles
  • Inspection of large oil and chemical storage tanks (during construction and in-service)
  • Development of NDE test methods and inspection of tubing in pressurized systems
  • Inspection of high pressure storage tanks
  • Ultrasonic inspection system development for monitoring fluids for contaminates