Product Highlights

Nonskid Coating for Aircraft Carriers

There are few environments more challenging than the surface of a Navy aircraft carrier. The nonskid coating required for ship decks must withstand tail-hook impacts and arresting wire slap from landing aircraft, heavy vehicular traffic, oil, chemical and fuel spills, intense sunlight, wide temperature extremes, and persistent salt spray. TRI/Austin, Inc. has recently developed a nonskid coating with significantly higher adhesion and better wear resistance than other products. In addition, our Tough- Grip® nonskid coating is the first Navy qualified product to be 100% solids and solvent free.

Non-Toxic Dry Film Lubricant

TRI/Austin has developed a lead-free, water-based, dry film lubricant (DFL) that drys at room temperature. This zero-VOC environmentally friendly material has a long wear life, and provides protection against corrosion. It meets MIL-L-23398 and exhibits excellent corrosion resistance.

Non-Toxic Replacement for Metallic Lead

TRI/Austin developed and tested a nontoxic replacement for small arms lead projectiles used in Army firing ranges, where millions of dollars are currently being spent each year in the remediation of lead contamination. Ecomass® compounds have the same density as lead and can be molded into virtually any shape using standard high-volume production techniques. This new material meets or exceeds the performance of lead in terms of compatibility with current cartridge manufacturing equipment and ballistic characteristics, including accuracy and penetration. Ecomass® compounds are commercially available from Ecomass® Technologies, a limited partnership including TRI/Austin, Inc.