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Recently developed by TRI for the U.S. Navy to fight cathodic delamination (premature bond failure) of submarine connectors, TRI’s Proteckt™ NCC’s metal pretreatment system is ideal for use in harsh environments such as industrial, subsea and down-hole operations.
Proteckt™ NCC firmly adheres rubbers and metals needed to survive chemical exposure
and high-pressure, extreme temperature conditions.

In independent third part testing, the new Proteckt NCC out performs all other NCC systems in standard overmolds with peel strengths well beyond any previously seen. The result is a bond that can survive the harshest corrosive environments over an extended service life.

New Overmold System

• New NCC for both Navy and commercial applications
• Reduces exposure to harmful VOC’s and hazardous materials.
• Offers solutions to a very limited number of approved NCC coatings and overmold systems.
• Reduces the number failure points that exist in the currently approved overmold systems.
• Increased reliability, reduced costs, improved application methods.

Capability Statement

Contact Person

Vince Newton
Director of Sales and Marketing

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