Solid Lubricants

Topic #: N2001-153
Sponsor: NAVAIR PEO(A)
Status: Phase II completed.
In flight testing.
Seeking transition partners.
TRL: 4
Patent: Pending.

Need: Field deployable repair kits for composites in aircraft.
Operational Gap: Current qualified formulations contain lead, antimony and/or VOC’s
Specifications: MIL-L-23398, VOC’s < 250 g/l, lead-free, antimony-free

It is necessary to further reduce VOC’s and eliminate lead and antimony from solid film lubricant (SFL) formulations in order to comply with environmental regulations and protect the health of personnel. SFL’s are used to prevent galling, fretting and seizing in aircraft engines. These lubricants are expected to provide continuous motion lubrication for compressor and turbine disks and blade roots. NAVAIR’s Technology Needs Database lists an unfulfilled need (NA807-99) for a low VOC replacement for room temperature curing solid film lubricant, MIL-L-23398. It identifies MEK, toluene, xylene and lead as EPA-17 chemicals and targeted for reduction by NAVAIR. It also predicts that NESHAP regulations are likely to require lower VOC levels or costly control measures.

TRI/Austin, Inc. has developed a lead-free, antimony-free, VOC-free, water-based, solid film lubricant that is cured at room temperature. This SFL can withstand high pressure, has a long wear life, and provides protection against corrosion. Because of its nontoxicity, it is environmentally friendly and may potentially offer a cost advantage in packaging and transportation, especially in states with regulatory restrictions on toxic solvents. Flight testing has been completed and the formulation has been submitted for QPL listing MIL-L-23398.

Endurance Life (ASTM D2625A): 60+ minutes
Average Load (ASTM D2625B): 2,750 lbs.
Cure time: 24 hours