Tough-Grip Non-Skid

Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. (TRI/Austin) introduces Tough-Grip™ Non-Skid Coating: A 100% solids formulation developed specifically for the challenging environment of Navy Aircraft Carrier Flight Decks. TRI/Austin’s Tough-Grip Aircraft carrier landing area nonskid coating has exhibited superior durability and performance when compared with legacy systems, with over 12,000 aircraft landings during the recent Iraq war on the USS Truman. A full landing area installation aboard the USS Truman received excellent reviews from the fleet, and raised the bar for polymeric nonskid shipboard performance.

The Navy Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck is a tough environment for coatings.

It is battered by:

  • Landing Aircraft
  • Heavy Vehicle Traffic
  • Chemical and Fuel Spills
  • Intense Sunlight and
  • Persistent Salt Spray

In the presence of these damaging factors, the coatings still must maintain a safe, functional and clean appearance.
Current Type-1 Non-Skid coatings fail to live up to the minimum Navy requirement of 10,000 landings prior to re-coating and they contain solvents that impact the environment and weaken the coating in service.

Features and Attributes:

  • A 2-component epoxy, part A is white, part B is black to facilitate complete mixing prior to application
  • MIL-PRF-24667A compliant
  • Available in “G” and “L” formulation
  • Contains no volatile organic components (VOCs)
  • Contains no toxic or cancer causing components
  • At 14lbs/gal Tough-Grip™ Non-Skid Coating is 11% lighter than current QPL products
  • Primers and topcoats each have multiple toughners to enhance resistance to impact and abrasion
  • ASTM D1002 lap-shear tests designed to measure adhesion produced the following results:

In addition to demonstrating superior strength in lap-shear tests, TRI Tough-Grip™ Non-Skid Coating withstood more than double the elongation prior to break than current QPL product, further demonstrating its advanced ability to withstand impact.

Tough-Grip™ Non-Skid Coating proved to be superior to current QPL Non-Skid products when subjected to impact resistance tests with no breakout between points of impact and little or no evidence of damage at the points of impact.

In parallel tests with the Navy evaluation, Tough-Grip™ Non-Skid Coating is undergoing sea-trials on a fleet of tug boats in the Houston Harbor and is being considered for use on off-shore oil rigs and other hazardous locations where safety of personnel and equipment is crucial.