UAS Reliability

Small- to micro-sized UAVs are rapidly becoming indispensable to reconnaissance
and condition monitoring in forward operating theaters where light weight, small size
and rapid dispensability are essential to warfighter mobility and operability. As newer
systems emerge faster than their reliability can be assessed, our tactical reliance on
them leaves essential outcomes increasingly vulnerable and susceptible to
contingencies. For nearly 40 years Texas Research Institute has successfully
assessed these factors in rapidly changing and emerging technologies. With broad
experience in failure analysis and accelerated life testing, TRI has proven expertise in
identifying, correcting and mitigating failures in widely ranging electronic and
electromechanical systems and sensors. We can very quickly tell you how well your
systems will tolerate the environment and conditions in which you expect to use them.

Emerging new electronic technologies provide increasing challenges with respect to
assuring the quality and reliability of components and assemblies. Increasing
demands in these products and materials for higher performance, lower cost, less
space and weight, and more compactness are leading to increasingly dense
interconnection requirements. These trends make electrical interconnection and joint
reliability increasingly germane as large-scale integration and surface mount
packages take center stage. Applications of surface-mounted electronic assemblies
in hostile environments, such as the engine compartments of civilian, civic,
commercial, and defense automotive vehicles; in outer-atmospheric and
geostationary satellites; and in battlefield personal equipment vehicles are
increasingly relevant to commercial interests and attention. New IC packages, with
greater accommodation of increased component density and current density, are
characterized by larger sizes, finer interconnection pitches, and/or problematic
materials that require an up-front design for reliability to meet long-term performance

                                                   Primary Enviromental Factors Impacting Electronic and

                                                                       Electromechanical System Failure

Failure Rate over Time