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More efficient on-aircraft repair processes are needed for structural organic-matrix composite components.

In response to this need, TRI Austin developed UV curable matrix resins that provide elevated Tg, and high fiber strength translation. The matrix resin will be formulated to achieve glass transition temperatures of > 330F, to restore structural capabilities of damaged aircraft components. The resin was designed to provide quality repairs with minimal support equipment. The less labor intensive process will reduce costs currently associated with composite repairs.

Resin rheology and cure kinetics were determined, and carbon fiber laminates were fabricated to confirm composite mechanical properties. Composite panels were produced and tested to verify that the process can produce parts having less than 4% porosity. The objective of reducing the total time for repair was addressed. Resin cost analysis and estimates for continued raw material availability were established. The development team also included a company that has thirty years of experience in the area of composite repair technologies and a major helicopter manufacturer.

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