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The marine environment poses extreme challenges for materials. This is particularly true for underwater components in the water near submarine and ships with cathodic protection systems. TRI Austin’s BondcoatTM Non-Conductive Coating (NCC), in conjuction with our TRI Seal Plus TM sealant, offers significant life extension to underwater polymer to metal bonds, dramatically extending the life of underwater electrical connectors. We are developing and qualifying a new product for the same purpose that can be brush applied. Also, we are formulating new urethane molding compounds for this environment that eliminate the highly toxic components in legacy materials. We are also developing new highly waterproof materials for towed array hose walls, and improved lightweight high performance tow cables.

Contact Person

Dr. Matt Lampe
Director of Materials


Fat Line Tow Cable

The Navy's TB-16 array consists of an acoustic detector array that is towed by a…

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Waterproof Towed Array Hosewall

High moisture permeation rates through hose wall materials are a primary failure mode for the…

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Moulding Compounds and Test Methods for Underwater Hardware

The Navy continues to incur very high costs and lost service time due to unanticipated…

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TRI SealPlus® Coating for Plasma Sprayed Ceramics

TRI SealPlus® is specifically designed for sealing the pores of plasma sprayed ceramic coatings. The…

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BondCoat™ is technology for making underwater connectors resistant to cathodic delamination. The Portsmouth connector is…

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