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ARTEC Division

TRI Austin’s ARTEC Division has over 30 years of experience in highly specialized material development. Our chemists and engineers are experts in chemical synthesis, analytical chemistry, forensic analysis, test development and material design.

The ARTEC division has held our companies longest running government contract, successfully developing new products and materials that satisfy our clients specific needs. Throughout the years we have aided our customers on many projects including;

  • R&D programs developing of new solutions addressing client needs
  • New testing method development for unique and particular properties of specialized materials
  • Design and manufacture of novel forensic apparatus
  • Identification of unknown compounds and materials

ARTEC Division Specialties

Materials Development
Physical Property Testing
Forensic Evaluation of Materials
Analytical Chemistry
Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
Reverse Engineering
New Product Design
Scale Up and Production in Pilot Plants Quantities
Chemical CompatibilityTesting
Accelerated Life Testing
Quality Standards and Testing
Custom Packaging


Navy sailors must remain at peak performance when tasked with missions involving ever-increasing difficulty.
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Physical Scale Models for Signature Reduction

The suppression of a ship’s magnetic signature is important in the effort to thwart detection…

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Manufacturing of Stress Physical Scale Models (SPSMs) for Signature Reduction and Resistance to Environmental Stress

The use of stress physical scale models allows the Navy to design ship magnetic field…

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Methodologies for Predicting Dormant Missile Reliabilities

Reliability of weapon systems through periods of storage dormancy has long been a significant concern…

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Assessing the Impact of Lead-free Solders on the Long-term Reliability of Weapon System Electronics

Lead based solders were used for decades to make conductive and structural connections in electronic…

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Multi-Stress Chamber for Accelerated Life Testing of Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits

Verification testing of  TRI Austin’s Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuit/Environmental Evaluation Chamber (PEM/EEC) were carried out in…

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Pressure Vessel Implosion Sea Test

The US DoD requires cylindrical and spherical pressure resistant vessels for various applications. In some…

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Variable Vehicle Cone Index (VVCI) System

Tactical wheeled vehicles need the ability to adapt to rapidly changing terrain conditions and missions…

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