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To provide the density of lead without toxicity, TRI Austin developed EcomassR – a non-toxic material with the same density and radiation shielding capability as metallic lead. Applications include projectiles, nuclear medicine containers, radiation shielding for medical and nuclear power plants, and weights for golf clubs, poker chips, bottle tops, and other high quality consumer products.

We also developed ThermasafeR – a low cost composite material that is extremely fire resistant and does not produce flame, smoke or toxic vapors when exposed to fires and extremely high temperatures. ThermasafeR applications include submarine berthing, shipboard shower stalls, storage lockers for hazardous materials, and munitions canisters.

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Robert Brushaber
Director of Engineering



Navy sailors must remain at peak performance when tasked with missions involving ever-increasing difficulty.
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ThermaSafe™ is a fire resistant, low smoke, non toxic resin system. Significant weigh savings on Navy…

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Ecomass High Density Compounds

The DOD is always seeking low-cost, lightweight manufacturing technology for munitions packaging that meets environmental…

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