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Warfighter safety is paramount, and TRI Austin has developed specialized products to address it. We have developed camouflage face painst that can mitigate the risk of facial burns in the event of an IED blast or other sudden high temperature exposure. We developed a chemical and biological warfare (CBW) agent resistant drinking water pouch that can prevent contamination of the contents in the event of exposure. TRI Austin also developed a product for ensuring the complete and thorough decontamination of hazardous material spill responders.

Contact Person

Dr. Matt Lampe
Director of Materials


Decon Check – Materials and Methods for Thorough Decontamination

Some hazardous materials (HazMats) are so toxic that a few drops on the skin can…

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CBW Safe Water Pouch

TRI Austin developed a chemical-biological warfare (CBW) resistant water pouch to provide safe drinking water…

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Cosmetic Coating to Protect Unclothed Skin from Thermal (Burn) Injury

Burns are generally prevented by clothing and materials that offer a considerable degree of thermal…

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