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Proteckt® Energy Absorbing foams (EA), developed by Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc., (TRI Austin) are innovative, high-performing foam appliqués designed to provide soldiers with superior cabin protection in tactical vehicles. The Proteckt® System is cost effective and lightweight, and can be custom designed for any tactical vehicle needing improved safety and protection. Placed in the interior cabin of HMMWVs, FMTVS, and other tactical vehicles, the Proteckt® energy absorbing system has the ability to significantly reduce fatal injuries.

Proteckt® Benefits
• Flooring blast or crash impact mats
• Head impact protection
• Side impact protection
• Seat bottoms
• Under side impact attenuation

Proteckt® Features
• Reduces impact from vehicle rollovers, crashes and IED explosions
• Can be used as blast-mitigating flooring or interior padding
• Provides thermal and acoustic insulation
• No modification to vehicle interior is needed
• Can withstand multiple impacts without degrading performance
• Easy peel-and-stick installation

Capability Statement

Contact Person

Frank Zeller
Product Development Manager
512.263.2101 ext 147

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