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Our engineering division has developed equipment that allows for modern, efficient, high quality feeding of warfighters in the field on land and at sea.

Equipment includes oil-less cooking system that provide alternatives to deep fat frying, continuous mode conveyor cooking appliances, equipment for harnessing waste vehicle heat to heat rations, and compact sanitation centers for cleaning cooking pots, dishes, and other utensils.

Contact Person

Robert Brushaber
Director of Engineering


Alternative Energy Sources for Heating Rations

An alternate tray ration heating system (ATRHS) utilizing heat recovered from diesel engine exhaust was…

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Compact Sanitation Center for Expeditionary Field Feeding

The Army’s Assault Kitchen (AK) supports the field feeding with Heat and Serve (UGR-H&S) meals…

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Continuous Mode Conveyor Cooking Appliance for Military Field Feeding

Modern military field kitchens are required to provide high volume throughput while maintaining the best…

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Deep Fat Fryer Replacement

TRI Austin designed and demonstrated an Oil-less Deep Fat Fryer (DFF) replacement system through the…

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