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TRI Austin designed and demonstrated an Oil-less Deep Fat Fryer (DFF) replacement system through the use of high speed air impingement heat transfer techniques.  TRI Austin and Jetsweep Solutions developed a design concept that uses individual modules containing  four separate oil-less DFF units with hot air jet impingement technology.

The oil-less DFF replacement system presents several benefits: a) decreased fire risk by removing cooking oil and therefore eliminating the need for an Aqueous Potassium Carbonate (APC) fire extinguishing system; b) a healthier option by using no oil; c) reduced maintenance; d) reduce cooking emissions; e) reduced cooking time by cooking the same food in a comparable or shorter time than the current DFF; f) fits into the same footprint as the current DFF; g) requires the same amount of electricity or less; h) able to fit through a 25” diameter hatch; i) man-portable; and j) can operate in the submarine environment.

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