Welcome to TRI/Austin

Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. (TRI/Austin) is TRI's flagship company and conducts materials research and development projects. TRI is committed to providing the highest quality materials science products and services. TRI/Austin has been successfully developing fleet and field-proven products and technologies for the US DoD and the commercial sector for more than 30 years. Once products/technologies are developed, we evaluate and execute the appropriate business models to best ensure success in bringing our products and technologies to the marketplace and the warfighter. Our successful business models include internal business development, partnerships, licensing agreements and outright technology sales.

Advanced Materials Development

Custom development of coatings, adhesives, selants, foam, lubricants and other custom polymers to handle a variety of challenges, including high temperatures, explosive blasts, impact, corrosion, seawater, extreme thermal cycling, extreme pressure cycling and fire.

Structural Health Monitoring

Developing technologies to monitor structural health during use as well as providing diagnostics and prognostics to diagnose status and predict failure. The LAHMP system, developed to monitor composites aboard aircraft, has completed a successful flight test aboard an F-15.

Composites Engineering & Prototyping

Engineering and prototyping of composite components optimized for marine environments through material selection, specialty resin development, solid modeling, finite element analysis (FEA) & structural analysis.

Applied Reliability Engineering

For nearly 40 years TRI-Austin has successfully assessed reliability factors in rapidly changing and emerging technologies. With broad experience in failure analysis and accelerated life testing, TRI has proven expertise in identifying, correcting and mitigating failures in widely ranging electronic and electromechanical systems and sensors. We can very quickly tell you how well your systems will tolerate the environment and conditions in which you expect to use them. Capabilities include Accelerated Life Testing, HALT/HAST COPV, and UAS testing.

For more information, download our brochure on UAS Reliability: Click here to download

Nondestructive Testing

Over 100 years combined NDE experience, specializing in ultrasonics, acoustic emission, eddy current, and microwave techniques. Knowledgeable in PT, RT, IR and NMR. Also subcontracts Nondestructive Testing/ Evaluation expertise to AMMTIAC.


TRI/Austin honors our commitments to our customers. We foster an environment where responsiveness, independence, initiative, and diligence are rewarded. Our scientists and engineers are encouraged to fully understand the problem in order to provide the best solution.