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TRI Austin’s experienced engineers use a variety of accelerated life testing (ALT) techniques to stress components and assemblies in conditions designed to mimic the wide ranging field conditions where military equipment is being used. Our reliability and test engineers routinely use systematic experimental design, analysis tools, and FEA modeling to cost efficiently organize ALT strategies and to support reliability assessments of our own systems and hardware, as well as those of the DoD and commercial industry.

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Robert Brushaber
Director of Engineering


Methodologies for Predicting Dormant Missile Reliabilities

Reliability of weapon systems through periods of storage dormancy has long been a significant concern…

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Assessing the Impact of Lead-free Solders on the Long-term Reliability of Weapon System Electronics

Lead based solders were used for decades to make conductive and structural connections in electronic…

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Multi-Stress Chamber for Accelerated Life Testing of Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits

Verification testing of  TRI Austin’s Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuit/Environmental Evaluation Chamber (PEM/EEC) were carried out in…

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