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TRI Austin routinely develops environmentally friendly replacements for critical high performance polymer materials. Examples include a grease that is saltwater fast, but does not off-gas hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), advanced water based and high solids rubber cements, and water based hydraulic fluids. In all cases, the resultant new material is designed to meet the critical performance specifications of the legacy material.

Contact Person

Dr. Matt Lampe
Director of Materials


Water Based Hydraulic Fluid

Petroleum based hydraulics are problematic in terms of environmental hazards, flammability, and cost. The Submarine…

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Non-Hazardous Air Pollutants Rubber Cement

Cements currently used to bond rubber to metal and rubber to rubber contain large amounts…

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Diver Safe Grease

Submarines have actuated parts that must be lubricated with grease to ensure correct operation and…

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