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Submarines have actuated parts that must be lubricated with grease to ensure correct operation and long service-life. In dry deck shelters (DDS), which are enclosed areas, divers are subjected to toxic volatile component fumes that can off-gas from these greases.

In order to eliminate this threat to divers, the Navy has used Krytox 240AC or Halocarbon 25-5S lubricants in the DDS’s. These aerospace quality greases (which are fluorocarbon-based) do not release toxic chemicals. However, resistance to seawater washout is low, and these expensive materials constantly have to be reapplied, and the resultant expense is unacceptable.

To eliminate this problem, TRI Austin developed a grease that is resistant to water washout, but does not off-gas toxic fumes upon exposure to the environments encountered in the DDS’s. This new grease provides the same lubrication properties as the materials currently used by the Navy. The Navy will save both time and money associated with the constant reapplication of the currently used materials.

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