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TRI SealPlus® is specifically designed for sealing the pores of plasma sprayed ceramic coatings. The cured sealer reduces permeation of reactive species through the ceramic layer to increase durability in marine environments. Metal connectors, and other hardware, are often cathodically protected to reduce corrosion of the metal substrate. The electrical potential difference between substrate (cathode) and anode, produces a high pH environment at the bondline interface, which can degrade the organic primers that provide adhesion.

Application of a ceramic coating that is sealed with TRI SealPlus® provides the ultimate in durability in these aggressive environments. TRI SealPlus® will also provide improved resistance in other coatings applications where resistance to corrosive gases and/or elevated temperatures is required.

General Sealer Preparation and Application

TRI SealPlus® should be applied after spraying of the ceramic coating. Maximum performance will be obtained by ensuring that the surfaces are clean, dry and free of oil, grease, dirt, corrosive, paint, mill scale and any other foreign matter. TRI SealPlus® should not be applied to ceramic substrate temperatures greater than 125°F. This will prevent rapid evaporation of the solvent or premature curing. For maximum resistance to corrosion, all sealers must be fully cured before further processing. Prior to applying primers to surfaces treated with SealPlus®, wipe with ispopropyl alcohol only (99%). TRI SealPlus® may be applied by common coating process techniques (brush, dip, etc.).

Curing Schedule

  • Initial dry time after application at room temperature: 30 – 60 min
  • Secondary heat cure 20 min. @ 135 °C (275 ° F).

Capability Statement

Contact Person

Vince Newton
Director of Sales and Marketing

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