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In addition to new innovative products for the DoD, TRI Austin has developed and tested polymeric based products for a variety of customers in the Oil & Gas and other commercial industries. These include powder free natural latex and neoprene surgical gloves, tube seals for oil wells, and high temperature coatings for oil pipeline applications.

Accelerated Life Testing and Reliability Engineering

• Marine accelerated life testing
      • Underwater cables and connectors
      • Hydrophones
      • Transducers
      • Towed streamers
• Failure Analysis
• Materials and process reliability improvement
• Corrosive environment accelerated life testing and test chamber development
• Hydrostatic pressure testing and viscoelastic creep testing

Materials Development and Evaluation

• Advanced polymeric materials development (i.e., abrasion resistant; impact resistant; high temperature tolerant; low fire, smoke, and toxicity)
• Environmentally friendly fluid and lubricant development
• Advanced coatings, primers, sealants, foams, and adhesives
• Materials performance evaluation and testing
• Bond life enhancement in cathodic environments
• Chemical compatibility testing
• Adhesives for wet and unprepared surfaces and saltwater tolerant greases
• Corrosion mechanism studies
• Thermal analysis
• Materials selection and consultation

Capability Statment

Contact Person

Robert Brushaber
Director of Engineering



Navy sailors must remain at peak performance when tasked with missions involving ever-increasing difficulty.
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Physical Scale Models for Signature Reduction

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Manufacturing of Stress Physical Scale Models (SPSMs) for Signature Reduction and Resistance to Environmental Stress

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Methodologies for Predicting Dormant Missile Reliabilities

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Assessing the Impact of Lead-free Solders on the Long-term Reliability of Weapon System Electronics

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Multi-Stress Chamber for Accelerated Life Testing of Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits

Verification testing of  TRI Austin’s Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuit/Environmental Evaluation Chamber (PEM/EEC) were carried out in…

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Pressure Vessel Implosion Sea Test

The US DoD requires cylindrical and spherical pressure resistant vessels for various applications. In some…

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Variable Vehicle Cone Index (VVCI) System

Tactical wheeled vehicles need the ability to adapt to rapidly changing terrain conditions and missions…

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