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Submarine hanger areas have actuated parts, doors, hatches, etc., that must be adequately lubricated to function correctly and extend service life. Dry deck shelter hatches need lubrication on all internal gears and locking ring threads. Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. (TRI Austin) has developed an innovative grease approach utilizing fluorohydrocarbon base oil in conjunction with a thixotropic filler and various anti-corrosion additives.

This diver-safe optimized formulation has performed very well in both field and lab testing. It is resistant to water washout, prevents corrosion both actively and passively, and has passed the NAVSEA P-9290 certification for off-gassing of volatile compounds. The new grease can be applied by hand, grease gun, or via grease lines. Reduced costs will be realized with the new grease through improved durability, reduced need for component repair, and minimal application time.

• Resistant to washout
• Prevents corrosion
• Non off-gassing
• Improved durability
• Reduces repair costs
• Reduced application times

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Vince Newton
Director of Sales and Marketing

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