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TRI Austin has developed a wide variety of engineered composite structures that feature light weight and corrosion and fire resistance while meeting the physical challenges of surface and subsea use. Examples include submarine berthing, shipboard shower stalls, storage lockers for hazardous materials, and payload canisters.

We have developed lightweight, easy to deploy mats that can support vehicles over muddy terrain and strong, lightweight, collapsible tripods for cameras and other field equipment. In addition, we have developed frangible high density projectiles and subprojectiles based on our patented EcomassR material.

Contact Person

Robert Brushaber
Director of Engineering



Navy sailors must remain at peak performance when tasked with missions involving ever-increasing difficulty.
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Affordable High Rate Manufacturing Process for High Density Sub-Projectiles

There is a requirement for lethal high density sub-projectiles that are affordable. Simple shapes, which…

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Small Lightweight Concealable Stabilization Device

U.S. SOCOM requires small, lightweight, concealable stabilization devices for target designators, cameras, and other imagers.…

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Countermeasure Launch Tube

The Mk 77 Mod 0 Gas Generator countermeasure launch tube used on U.S. Navy submarines…

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Biometric Design of Morphing Micro Air Vehicles

Over the past two decades significant progress has been made on the development of mission…

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Expeditionary Matting Soil Stabilization System

Soil stabilization matting is used to provide a temporary roadway for wheeled vehicles in areas…

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Payload Canister for Virginia Class Submarine

TRI Austin is developing a composite standardized payload canister that will support rapid integration of…

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Hazardous Material Satellite Storage Lockers

TRI Austin developed a cost effective, corrosion resistant hazardous material storage locker design to meet…

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Aircraft Carrier Composite Berths

The U.S. Navy has a goal of reducing weight and extending the service life of…

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Special Operation Forces (SOF) Composite Reconfigurable Berthing

TRI Austin developed a low cost, lightweight, fire resistant, reconfigurable composite berth system designed to…

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Shipboard Shower Stalls

To address the Navy’s need for shipboard shower stalls that are affordable, modular, corrosion resistant,…

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