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TRI Austin is developing a composite standardized payload canister that will support rapid integration of payloads into the forward Virginia Payload Tubes (VPT) or Virginia Payload Module (VPM) tubes. The composite material standardized payload canister shall have universal connections and fittings that will interface between the individual payload tubes within the payload canister and the host ship’s electrical, hydraulic, data, flood/drain, and structural connections to facilitate the integration of a variety of payloads.

The use of composite materials will be evaluated to determine if there are benefits related to corrosion resistance, reduced weight, acoustic dampening, vibration dampening, and faster manufacturing processes. Constitutive materials, material architectures, and material consolidation processes will be evaluated for their capability to meet performance requirements, life cycle cost reductions, and required production rates.

At the end of the Phase II Base effort, a design for a composite payload canister will be defined and documented, with the chief components of the design being manufactured and tested. During the Phase II Option, a full scale composite payload canister will be fabricated for evaluation of material, process, and structure capabilities.

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