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Soil stabilization matting is used to provide a temporary roadway for wheeled vehicles in areas otherwise rendered impassable due to soil conditions. As vehicles traverse unimproved terrain the travel conditions quickly degrade as each vehicle digs deeper trenches in soft soil.

The problems with current matting systems are the lack of strength to support the loads imposed by military equipment, failure to meet the required rates of roadway deployment and they exceed logistic system weight/volume limitations.

Through an understanding of the behavior of the subsoil and the subsoil/matt interaction, TRI Austin designed alternative matt systems that are easy to install, are relatively inexpensive, will permit significant large mass traffic, and are logistically efficient. These systems are based on existing technology and commercial-off-the-shelf materials. The alternative matt systems were evaluated mechanically in the laboratory and with drive-over tests. The results of the matt development and evaluation effort were presented to the U.S.M.C.

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