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Since its inception, TRI Austin has specialized in the accelerated life testing of materials and systems used in the subsea environment. We have conducted ALT, reliability engineering, and failure analysis for a variety of components, including underwater transducers, cables, and electrical connectors. We develop ALT protocols based on detailed life cycle environmental exposures, and can subject hardware to an equivalent aging of 15-20 years in a matter of months. Our methods ensure that the component is not exposed to excessive activation energies, overly aggressive temperatures, and non-realistic modes of degradation.

Contact Person

Dr. Matt Lampe
Director of Materials


Improved Accelerated Life Testing

The Navy spends $10 to 100 million per year on unexpected and premature failures of…

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Accelerated Life Testing of Sonar Hardware

Sonar systems are critical Naval assets that require well-defined performance and lifetime characteristics. These systems…

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