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The repair of composite repair on aircraft structures can be a time consuming, difficult, and expensive process. TRI Austin has developed UV curable resins that have high glass transition temperatures, and provide quality repairs with minimal support equipment. We have also developed ambient temperature cure primers to facilitate bonded repairs to aluminum honeycomb, room temperature cure syntactic foams for battle damage repair, and various repair systems that do not require the use of hot bonders during the repair process.

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Dr. Matt Lampe
Director of Materials


Aircraft Battle Damage Repair (ABDR) with Ultraviolet Cure Resin Systems

Rapid on-aircraft repair techniques for fiberglass composite components are essential to the support of the…

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Aircraft Battle Damage Repair Foams

TRI Austin developed a series of room temperature cure syntactic foam products for Aircraft Battle…

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Efficient On-Aircraft Composite Repair Process Requiring Minimal Support Equipment

More efficient on-aircraft repair processes are needed for structural organic-matrix composite components. In response to…

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