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TRI Austin’s engineering division has developed materials and systems to protect and support the warfighter. Our ProtecktR energy absorbing material mitigates leg injuries in the event of under vehicle IED explosions, and can prevent traumatic brain injury that can occur in vehicle crash or rollover events.

We have developed backpacks for divers that can prevent diver injury in the event of payload implosion at depth, and can mitigate burns from lithium batteries contained in those backpacks. Our engineers have conducted implosion sea tests using various structures, and have measured the resulting pressure waves to provide the Navy with data that can be used to assess the risk of such events. We have developed submarine flex hose assemblies that prevent sailor exposure to the metallic lead used to weight the hose.

Contact Person

Robert Brushaber
Director of Engineering


Pressure Vessel Implosion Sea Test

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Variable Vehicle Cone Index (VVCI) System

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Submarine Flex Hose to Reduce Lead Exposure

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Special Operation Forces (SOF) Mission Equipment Storage Container

TRI Austin developed an optimized man portable flexible container that protects divers from multiple hazards…

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Severe head and body trauma resulting from vehicular accidents and explosions is a major concern…

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