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Specializing in polymer chemistry, our Materials Division formulates and synthesizes high performance protective coatings for the DoD and other Government and commercial customers. Examples include high temperature abrasion resistant coatings to protect composite aircraft components, impact resistant coatings to protect aircraft landing gear, coatings that withstand high temperature while remaining color fast, and highly durable nonskid coatings for aircraft landing areas.

Contact Person

Dr. Matt Lampe
Director of Materials


Tough-Grip® Non-Skid Surface Coatings for Navy Fleet Application

Non-skid coating materials are used for treatment of aircraft carrier flight deck surfaces and ship…

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High-Temperature Aircraft Camouflage Coatings

Working under a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract, scientists from AFRL and the Texas…

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Improved Protective Coatings for High Strength Steels

Corrosion resistant coatings are used to protect aircraft landing gear components that are made of…

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High-Temperature, Abrasion Resistant Coating

Many of the coatings used on composite aircraft cannot withstand high temperatures, especially while maintaining…

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