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Some hazardous materials (HazMats) are so toxic that a few drops on the skin can cause serious harm, or even death. HazMat spill responders wear special protective clothing to prevent contact with these materials.

To prevent accidental exposure during suit removal, the suit must first be thoroughly cleaned (decontaminated). Previously, soap, water, and a  brush were commonly used during such decontamination procedures; however, it is easy to miss spots with this method – a potentially fatal mistake.

The Decon-CheckTM system  combines nontoxic, biodegradable cleaners and thickeners with an ultraviolet disclosing agent which shows areas on the suit which have been cleaned. This system even works with notoriously hard-to-wet materials such as TeflonTM. The system is a spray-on/scrub-off cleaner designed for use on decontaminable protective clothing.

Decon-Check is not a replacement for decontamination solutions for use against chemical or biological warfare agents. The product clings to most surfaces, and its bright color shows where to scrub to ensure effective cleaning of the outer ensemble. Potential applications for this product include use in the “Personnel Decontamination Station” (PDS) at the intermediate wash point.


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