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Building upon our successful effort to identify grain structures in titanium alloys, TRI Austin uses a combination of high frequency ultrasonic (UT) transducers and high gain amplifiers in ultrasonic backscattering measurements to make grain structure measurements in commercially available titanium (Ti).

TRI Austin, along with the Advanced Manufacturing Center at the University of Texas at Austin, fabricated highly characterized commercially pure Ti and Ti-6Al-4V specimens containing specially designed and tailored microstructures to demonstrate system performance. TRI Austin’s customized UT facilities can make these backscatter attenuation, fast Fourier transform, and phase-to-peak measurements to identify the microstructures. Our algorithms generate 2D maps of the grain characteristics for these Ti alloys. Additionally, the TRI team is investigating the prototype UT system’s abilities to identify different Ti crystal orientations and structures, as identified in the specimens using scanning electron microscopy and electron backscatter diffraction. The inspection capabilities of our prototype UT grain/microstructure analysis system have been successfully demonstrated on multiple sponsor specimens.

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