Topic #: N2001-113
Sponsor: NAVSEA
Status: Phase II completed.
Seeking projects.
TRL: 7
Specifications:Meets MIL-STD-2031

A low cost, lightweight alternative to conventional metal shipboard components is required that uses composite materials to reduce weight and cost, and can meet all of the NAVSEA requirements. During Phase I, Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. (TRI/Austin) demonstrated the feasibility of developing a SMART reconfigurable, low cost, lightweight, fire resistant, easily accessible, composite track. The composite material is comprised of a high temperature, fire resistant resin system. The system is reinforced with high strength glass fibers that will meet MIL-STD-2031. The TRI material passed a Full Room ISO 9705 , Fire Test conducted by NAVSEA. This test determined that the TRI , ThemaSafe low smoke composite material meets flash over requirements set by NAVSEA.